Ogura Design Advantages

Low system inertia:

The advanced rotor design uses low inertia components that can be easily accelerated and maintain good clearance in high temperatures.

Remote engagement/disengagement:

An electromagnetic clutch can be added to any of the Ogura air pumps to allow easy engagement or disengagement, reducing parasitic loads since the unit only rotates when air boost is needed.

Special coated rotors:

The rotor lobes in the air pumps have a special coating that helps them to adapt to the thermal expansion within the unit, this helps to maintain very tight clearances. The rotors coating also has the ability to absorb particulates, reducing the chance of scoring the housing, allowing the unit to maintain high efficiency over a long time.

Higher efficiency:

Because of the advanced rotor design the sealing of the air is spread over a larger contact area, which improves operating efficiency and reduces noise.